Picture of the Day: Day 62, Krysi and Aaron and Rachel and Elliott

by ten7sixblog

This weekend is a big wedding weekend for two very awesome couples we are lucky enough to call family and friends that are essentially family. I’m not sure if I’m going to have time to get on the computer tomorrow to post the Picture of the Day I intended to post tomorrow (Rachel and Elliott), so I’m going to double-up the post for today. First up, Aaron and Krysi:


We are so excited for Saturday! Peyton is easily the most excited out of all of us (not that we’re not completely stoked). I think she might jump out of her skin. And I swear, you both must be psychic or something because I cannot believe the weather forecast. Almost 80?! Really!? It’s easily the nicest day of the year so far. Good pick.

And next we’ve got Rachel and Elliott who are also getting married this weekend. Congrats, you two. We would have loved to have made it out for the wedding. Have a great time! Much love to you both.

– Abbi