by ten7sixblog

Reblogging this snowy engagement because we’re ready for some snow in our very dehydrated state.

We have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for snow since early January when we first met with these two southern lovebirds to set up an engagement shoot and discuss invite design for their Nashville nuptials. It finally did snow late last week. But it wasn’t just a little storm, oh no, we got a blizzard that dropped 18 inches of snow in our backyard. It’s like the snow made up for the lack of snow from the previous month and dumped all of it in one fell swoop. Still, we were all down to make it happen (even Chip and Natalie’s pooch SoCo got in on the fun). And make it happen we did. Chip and Natalie are troopers who did not utter one complaint while trudging through knee-deep powder in 15 degree starting temperatures. It was worth it, what a pretty scene all that snow made…

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