six4twelve: Cousins!

by ten7sixblog

This one has been done for a while, but I haven’t had time to write about it because life has been wildly busy. Oh, and by ‘I,’ I mean Corwin, aka The Business Partner. Guess I should clarify that since my posts on here are few and far between. Anyway, this session was the day after Donna and Mike’s wedding. The littlest guys’ mom called me right when we were winding down from the wedding hoping we could arrange something very quickly since the older two gentleman were hopping on a plane home to Louisiana the next night. We were able to make it happen and finish up just in time for the older two to head off to the airport. Let it be noted that it was very hot out. Even the big trees at City Park did very little to cool things off, but these guys maintained their composure and worked with me to get some great cousin shots. Way to go, gentleman!