Our Loves

by ten7sixblog

It’s been a while since we shared photos of the loves of our lives. They are growing up oh-so fast and it’s a very bittersweet thing, as many of you know. The 4-year-old is so full of joy and happiness, she has such a lovely presence to her. She’s also got attitude and sass, but we like the little bit of edge she has. And our 2-year-old is a riot. She is so silly and has quite the sense of humor. She’s also got the attitude and sass (they get those traits from their father, btw), but hers is a bit of a different strain; she’s a yeller, and quite demanding to boot. Despite all the attitude they both possess (once again, that they got from their father), they get along really well and make us so happy.* Here are some of our girls from the last few months:

One more of the ladies. This is them on Halloween weekend. Our adorable pirates.

They’re still some of our favorite subjects…we dread the day they don’t want us taking their photos anymore. We’ll do our best to indulge as much as possible before that day comes.

Lastly, every year, we take a quick snapshot on my in-laws front porch. We were a little late this year, but we still got it done. Here is our family from 2007 to 2011. Crazy.

Annnnd I now regret all the excitement I had over this new blog format allowing for larger photos. I somehow managed to forget that that would mean larger photos of ME. Yowza.

This was the year my hair started to go gray. At 28. Awesome. Subsequently, this was also the year I started with the red hair. It took some time to figure out the right shade. Don’t laugh. I figured it out and it’s so much better now. Observe:

Also, can I just say, it’s so crazy how much of a difference there is form a one-year old to a two-year old.

One more. This is our dogs. They are a pretty big part of our lives. They adore our girls. Our girls adore them. We adore them…it’s a big ol’ mutual admiration society around here.

Thanks for letting me share some photos of our most favorite little people (and our furry friends).

Have an awesome Tuesday, everyone!

– Abbi

*For the record: it’s not all rainbows and butterflies all the time. Sometimes these amazing little girls make us want to pull our hair out. All of it. Instead, we leave the hair alone and drink just enough to bring the rainbows and butterflies back.