New Blog Layout and Photos of Our Trip to England

by ten7sixblog

First thing first: We have a new blog layout!! Woo hooo! I love it (we are still working out a few kinks…). The other one before this was nice enough, but this one is beyootiful. Thank you for coming into our life, Manifest. Now I want to go back and re-do all the blogs we’ve (I’ve) already done so I can see the photos how they should be seen, i.e. bigger. But that would take forever and this whole ‘extra time’ thing seems to be running pretty close to empty these days. Alas, I can do every new post from here on out with bigger images, and that is enough to make me want to jump up and down.

Moving on to more photography-ey things, nearly three months ago (OMG, how is that possible?!), the business partner and I had a little holiday (saying “holiday” with a British accent is necessary here), in the UK. We spent 10 days there – 3 nights at a totally posh suite that overlooked London and the rest of time was spent on the coast at our friends’ place in Little Hampton. The friends we visited were getting married (yay!) and they even let us do some photos of their day (yay!).  My brother and his wife were there as well and we all had such a great time hanging out in England together. Definitely something we’ll remember the rest of our lives (and really, really want to do again).

Anyway, since coming home at the beginning of September, we’ve been busy, busy, busy with work. It’s been great. But we’re very pleased to get a little time to do some of our own stuff now. So that is what this post is all about. Our stuff. Our trip. Here we go…

This just seemed appropriate for our first English meal.

Traveling friends. Two are missing: me (taking the photo) and our friend, Ivan. You’ll see his tennis form in a bit…

I’ve decided I’d like windows like these uneven ones:

“Go forth to every part of the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.” This was on a wall near Waterloo Station.

So that’s a taste of what London offered us. Next up, Stonehenge and the Salisbury Cathedral:

The photos do not do the cathedral justice in any way, shape or form. It was breathtakingly gorgeous and so immensely big. Also, fun fact: the Magna Carta is there.

Next the hubby and I spent a day at Brighton Beach (where we got awesome matching tats that he designed).

And here is a picture of said tattoos. This is a hipstamatic print:

bird tattoos, ampersand tattoos

Then we spent the day in Little Hampton at the beach and the tennis club where my husband, brother and Ivan got to play a little. We don’t have grass courts back in our neck of the woods, so the husband was pretty excited about that…

So that’s that. We did lose a whole day of photos from Arundel and Arundel Castle. I cried. I really, really did cry. It was like 300 photos. I figure we’ll just have to go back and see it again. You can see our friends’ wedding here again, should you be so inclined.

– Abbi