Kim and Brandon’s Wedding Invitations

by ten7sixblog

It is I, Corwin, or Cory as many of you know me. I’ve got another set of invites that I’d like to share. This set is for Kim and Brandon, whom I am certain you remember since we just shared their engagement photos a few weeks back. I started work on their invitation package months ago since they were going to have two rounds of invites going out to guests. I worked primarily with Kim who was and is so straight forward and in my line of work, that is a very, very good thing. There was no guessing at what she liked or didn’t like because she spelled it out in a way that there was no room to read between the lines. I like that. A lot. It makes my job considerably more manageable.

Anyway, Kim and Brandon were looking for a design that incorporated Aspen trees since they will be getting married in Vail where the Aspen trees are prevalent. They wanted a subtle design using purples and grays. Here’s what we came up with:

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Once again, I’m very happy with the final design of this package. And again, the majority of my happiness lies in the fact that Kim and Brandon are satisfied.

Have a great Monday.

– Cory