30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 2, What I Wore Today

by ten7sixblog

This one was not quite as difficult as my self-portrait, but it was fairly trying still. As soon as I got everything all set up, my sweetheart of a golden retriever decided she needed to lay right at my feet. You can see her in the top photo. Since I’m working with a limited amount of time today, she gets to stay in the photo because I’m definitely not re-taking it, nor do I have the time to edit her out. So that’s that.

Anyway, here is my outfit today. I really love this dress (it’s new’ish) mostly because of the purple flowers. The knotted pearl necklace is also a favorite, as is the bag. The bag is a knock-off, though I do wish I could afford a real Chanel. A girl can dream…

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Oh! And my bird ring. I love that ring. My husband gave it to me for our second anniversary. I think I’m going to have some variation of that ring tattooed on my wrist.

Next up: Clouds.

– Abbi