Picture of the Day: Day 102, Something We Love About Summer

by ten7sixblog

We love it when our AC goes out right before what is going to be the hottest couple of days of the year. It’s our absolute favorite to be so freakin’ hot that it’s worthless to shower since all you’re going to do when you get out is sweat. We also completely adore how easy it is to sleep when you’re body is so overheated that you pretty much just pass out from the shock of it.

Not really.

But that is currently what we are experiencing. Woe is us.

For real, something we love about summer is camping. We haven’t been in years because the girls were too little and/or I was pregnant. Camping and pregnancy are not my thing. And besides the healthy beautiful babies I get out of it at the end, pregnancy on its’ own is not my thing. But camping? Camping is my thing. And camping is definitely the business partner’s thing (he’s an Eagle Scout, ya know), and fortunately for us, the girls seem to like camping, too. We’ve only gone once so far, but since it’s all brand new to them, they loved every second of it. Especially the seconds that included being thrown around by one of our very patient and fun-loving friends:

ten7six, denver lifestyle photographer

The S’mores didn’t hurt, either…

ten7six, denver photographer, colorado photographer, denver lifestyle photographer, colorado lifestyle photographer

Yes, yes, indeedy. It’s a very good time. We’ll be off to do it again this weekend. Hopefully it’s a bit cooler up there than it is in our sauna of house.

– Abbi

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