Picture of the Day: Day 98, Nuts on a Rock

by ten7sixblog

ten7six, denver photographer, colorado photographer, travel photography, mexico, playa del carmen

I didn’t know what to title this, so I went with the obvious – Nuts on a Rock. (Please note: it’s very early, I’ve been up for a while and I went to bed too late, i.e., I’m tired, i.e., I’m loopy, i.e…that’s all I’ve got.). I took this in Mexico when we were there about a year and a half ago. It was an amazing trip and I so look forward to going back. Also, we blew this one up for my dad for Christmas (along with a few canvas prints of family photos) and I can’t say enough about how nice it came out…and that goes for every print we’ve purchased through our favorite lab – bayphoto lab. If you ever choose to order from us, that’s where your prints will come from, too.

Have a very lovely Wednesday, everyone. Ta ta!

– Abb