by ten7sixblog

Last week, I took my girls to The Butterfly Pavilion. We hadn’t been in a while and we live close enough that it’s a pretty easy activity for us to embark on. So, when we woke up to rain (again), we decided we were getting out…so out we went to see the, as my youngest calls them, “futterfies.”

I also love all the different plants and flowers. They’re not the usual thing we see growing during the summer here in hot and dry Colorado.

I’ll cap it off with a few more lovely flutterflies and also my super bummed out oldest. Life is rough when you really want a butterfly to land on you and still, no matter how hard you try and will an innumerable amount of those small winged insects to do just that, sometimes they flat out refuse over and over and over again and that is a rather large disappointment (especially when you have purposefully donned your most attractive-to-butterflies colors that even include a dress with butterflies all over it).

– Abbi