Picture of the Day: Day 87, Bug Hunt Under the Colorado Sky

by ten7sixblog

There is this dog park near us that, if you’re friends with me on facebook, you’ll know that I go to this particular park a lot. I take my pooches several times a week if I can swing it. It’s no ordinary dog park – it butts right up against the mountains and is HUGE. It’s acres and acres and acres. My cousin turned us onto it when we got our first dog and I’m so very pleased he did. I can say, without a doubt, that the dog park – THIS dog park – is my happy place. I feel so at peace when I’m there. It’s a big bonus that my girls and the dogs also like it, too. Now that it’s getting to be a bit warmer, my oldest daughter lallygags behind and searches for bugs and rocks. This is pretty much what I see when I look behind me these days at the dog park:

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Last time we were there, she put an ant in her pocket. She was so heart broken when, later that evening, she remembered said ant and went to dig him out of her pocket and discovered he had since perished. Lesson learned: do not put ants in your pockets.

– Abbi