Baby Shower Invite: Ahoy! It’s a Boy!

by ten7sixblog

Guess what I get to show you?! DESIGN WORK. Oh my! There’s so much more we have to feature, but I want to show this one off while it’s still hot off the presses. A friend came to us a little over a week ago to see if we could do some baby shower invites for her sister’s upcoming shower and we were all about it! This is the fun kind of stuff we are oh-so-excited to take on. So the business partner got to work and I sat behind his shoulder and offered my not-so-subtle opinions…not that my opinions really mattered much. He knew what he wanted to do and had no trouble doing it. The final product turned out super adorable and we are thrilled to show it off:

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Thanks so much for thinking of us, Angela! Have fun at the shower!

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– Abbi