Picture of the Day: Day 50, Cold War Kids

by ten7sixblog

Last night, I went to a concert. On a Tuesday night. It made me realize two things: Thing #1: I have to get up far too early on a Wednesday morning to be up so late on a Tuesday (note, late from my perspective, given my youngest child and her opposition to sleep, is anything past 9:30pm). Thing #2: I’ve become kind of lame. I realized that I’m not really into wedging myself between a bunch of hipsters and drunkards. It’s just not my scene. Too much sensory overload. I’m also not a fan of being “accidentally” groped 3 times by said drunkards. Lame, right? If I could have understood exactly what the drunkard was saying to me after I told him to quit with the inappropriate touching, I’m sure it would have been something close to, “you’re lame.”

Anyway, this is not to take away from The Cold War Kids because they were awesome. I hope next time they come back, they’re at a more space-friendly venue…like…Red Rocks, for example. Still though, they were great! Their energy was awesome and I heart their music, so all in all, it was a great time. Minus the groping. Here is my hipstamatic Cold War Kids photo:

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

– Abbi