Picture of the Day: Day 45, I NEED Spring

by ten7sixblog

I think I may have frightened my neighbors yesterday when I started dancing a happy little jig in the middle of my driveway. No, this is not my typical Tuesday morning activity, I was just so unbelievably pleased to see my bulbs peaking their pretty little green heads out of the disgustingly brown ground. Then, as I looked around my yard some more, I noticed that my lilacs had itty-bitty little buds on them. I’ll take itty-bitty little buds. This winter has been so depressingly brown here. Usually, I’m a fan of winter. I love snow. LOVE IT. But there has been so little snow for us that all we have is brown and more brown. It’s gross. So, obviously, the buds and the wee bit of green I saw sprouting from the ground inspired me. It inspired me to dance. In my driveway. Sorry, dear neighbors. I must warn you, though, that you’ll probably see me do it again when our apple trees start to bloom. I love the giant pink explosions they create in our yard so, so much. I can’t help but dance. Until then, I’ll dance here in my office at the thought of these pretty pink explosions. I’ll share a picture, too. That way you can dance…but only if you want to.


– Abbi