Picture of the Day: Day 32, Doug and Ann

by ten7sixblog

The last few days here in the lovely CO have been brutally cold. On top of that, my children have been sick and now, I am sick. So, I have been spending numerous hours parked in front of the computer going through our photos to update some albums on our facebook page and on our website.

In looking through all of the photos, I ran across a session from right before Holidays that we did with two of our favorite friends, Doug and Ann. I don’t know if I ever got around to posting them on our blog due to all the craziness that is the Holiday season, but I didn’t want to keep these from you. What a disservice I would be doing to you all! (I think I should probably mention here that, due to being at home for the last 3 days, I am enthralled in the grips of a wicked case of cabin fever and therefore, I am not responsible for the length of this post. I really do feel like I’m talking to actual adults right now and I might just want this feeling to last. In that same vain, I am also taking no responsibility for how crazy I may sound. I will blame that on the flu meds and the being locked up with two toddlers for multiple days on end. You have been warned.). Anyway, for the picture of the day today, you’re all getting 3 pictures! Stoked? I knew you would be.

ten 7 six

ten 7 six

Now, I would like for a few things to be noted. First, it was really, really cold out and neither Doug nor Ann brought coats (we made sure they knew how silly of an idea that was) and also that Doug was experiencing significant back pain and he did not let anyone in on his painful little secret. Only when I got home and started going through their photos did I notice something was “off” with him. And then, his lovely wife called me later to let me know they had spent time at a walk-in clinic because Doug was having awful spasms. I do have to say, though, he was a really good sport and put up with a lot from us, back pain and all. Look, he even put on his best goofy face for us still:

ten 7 six

And that’s it. That’s all I’ve got. I could honestly keep writing about the most trivial of trivial things (I need some new sweat pants…it’s snowing…bananas are yummy), but I’ll spare you all. Thank you for indulging me in some (one sided) adult conversation. I believe that it is now time for me to consider a nap and more medication.

– Abbi