Picture of the Day: Day 30, My Baby and My Baby Belly

by ten7sixblog

I am still so mad at myself for being so overly self conscious with my first pregnancy that I never did any maternity photos. I was determined to remedy that with my second pregnancy. Not only did I make sure we did some professional maternity shots, but I also did a new photo of my belly at least once a month or so to chronicle the amazingness that is pregnancy (let’s just pretend every aspect is amazing, mmkay?) Anyway, I was getting all nostalgic about growing babies recently and decided that I needed to go sift through my pregnancy photos. And with that, I bring you the picture of the day. I was about 8 months pregnant here and that is our lovely first born who was just about 2. My youngest is now just about the age that my oldest was in this photo. Time certainly does fly, doesn’t it?


Am I too self conscious to post my belly time line photos now? Hmmmm, being that I had no problem posting myself in a bikini, what the hell…


And you know what’s really funny about this, though I wasn’t laughing at the time, is that I went another almost 3 weeks after the 39 week photo was taken before our stubborn child decided to grace us with her presence.

– Abbi