Picture of the Day, Day 21: Who Wants a Shot of Cuervo this Morning?!

by ten7sixblog

Did you think I was talking about Tequila?! It’s too early for Tequila…unless you’re looking at this after the lunch hour and then, well, who am I to judge if you want a shot of Tequila? But this, this is not about booze, this is about Cuervo the horse. He is a beautiful, sweet and gentle beast of an animal. I love him. He is the horse that our daughter rides when she has her lessons and I really cannot emphasize enough how nice this horse is. He nuzzles my three-year old. Nuzzles her! There is no two ways about it, he is a horse that loves children. If I am standing next to him and Peyton is next to me, he will go love against her, not me. Honestly, it kind of blows my mind. Anyway, here’s your shot of Cuervo:

Such a pretty boy!

– Abbi