Picture of the Day: Day 20, Happy Holidays to One and All

by ten7sixblog

First and foremost, we here at ten7six cannot take credit for this photo. Well…I guess we can, only in so far as those are our children and were it not for us they never would have existed and therefor, it would have been impossible for this photo to have ever been taken. But as far actually photographing this? No, it wasn’t me or  my extremely talented business partner. It was the little thieves…er…I mean, elves at the Santa visiting area at Flatiron’s Crossing mall. Regardless of the crazy, astronomical prices those little teen elves wanted for 1 5×7 and 2 wallets, I am in love with this picture. As one of my friends said, “the crying really shows the true meaning of Christmas.” I could not agree more.

And with this, I (we) bid you all ado until after the chaos (and fun and warmth and joy and happiness and smiles and family-togetherness and love and meltdowns and vodka (yes, vodka…inspired by the family and the meltdowns) of the Holidays is past us. We sincerely hope you all have an incredibly lovely holiday filled with family and love (and vodka).

Abbi (and Corwin!)