The Extended Carlson Family Photoshoot

by ten7sixblog

Hello everyone, this is Corwin…the wife is sick and requested that I step-in and take the blogging reins for this round. Bear with me, this is my first round with this whole blogging thing. I gotta say right up front that Abbi is the writer in the family, but my goal is to make this as enjoyable as possible without having Abbi have to come back in and edit what I do later.

A couple of months ago, when we first got started with this whole photography thingy, an old colleague of mine (actually, she was my boss) signed up to have her daughter’s photos taken. We were really excited because it was one of our first real sessions shooting together. It was perfect: a great day, a beautiful location and a cute little subject. Those photos came out great, so Abbi and I were thrilled to have Angie get back in touch with us to photograph not only Courtney, but her family (including her mother-in-law and sister-in-law).

Once again, we were graced with gorgeous weather and great scenery. Gotta love Colorado, those are two things we are never in short supply of. We met Angela, her husband Jeff, their daughter Courtney and Jeff’s Mom, Marci and his sister, Susan at Broomfield County Commons Park to make the magic happen…too corny? To get our photography on…? Still no good? To take some great photos of a fun family. There we go. Anyway, we had a really good time with this whole crew. Courtney was in rare form and her goofiness made for some great pictures. Here are a few from that day:

And this last one is one of my personal favorites from the day…