We love us some Lindenbergs!

by ten7sixblog

Just recently, we threw together a session with a family that we have known forever. Seriously, forever. My husband grew up down the street from these guys and has been BFF’s (though, I don’t think they refer to each other as ‘BFF’) with Eli (you’ll see him in a minute) since they were both barely out of diapers. Later on, in high school, I met Eli and we became very close. That has not changed. I credit him with introducing me to my BF/H (best friend slash husband) and then, and this is one of my most favorite things about our wedding, nearly 10 years later, he married us. Needless to say, Eli, and the rest of the Lindenberg clan all hold a very special place in our hearts.

OK. Enough about us. Let’s talk about the Lindenbergs and their super-fun, albeit quickly thrown together, photo shoot. We headed up to the Lindenbeg compound in Boulder. Because things were a bit hastily organized, we lost out on our babysitters and had no other choice but to bring along our children (along with our niece who we agreed to watch when we thought Grandma and Grandpa were going to be babysitting for us for a few hours). Good thing we’re close with the Lindenbergs…this isn’t particularly professional behavior, nor is it something we would do with anyone else, except maybe my brother. Anyway, while Eli watched our girls, Rachel wanted to do some photos herself and her fiance, Elliott. And with that, we have one of our new favorite photos:

And here’s one more of them, just for good measure.

After Rachel and Elliott were both thoroughly frozen, we were ready to move on to the full family shots. But first, Eli helped Cory and I set up locations…here he is helping and here I am making sure he doesn’t spill hot coffee on my face. Oh and just in case you needed proof that our children were there, look to the very left hand side of the picture. There is our youngest. Ha!

And here are the family photos. We hope to do a better organized, less Lacert child saturated photo session with the Lindenbergs at some later date. Getting them all in the same state (or country) at the same time, though, proves to be a bit of a feat, so who knows when the next one will be. I’m pleased we were at least able to get some good ones in this round…until next time Lindenbergs…until next time.

Just the “kids:”

One last full family shot, with the dogs, even! Nevermind that they’re not looking at us…

Thanks again, Rachel (for setting it all up), Eli (for introducing Cory and I because otherwise, this whole day never would have happened!), Joel, Shirl and Harv! It’s not often that we get to photograph such important people in our lives. We had a fantastic time, as did our little ladies.

We’ll see (some) of you next month.

Besos (as Eli would say),

– Abbi