Picture of the Day: Day 13, Pretty Puppy

by ten7sixblog

Did you know we do pet photography? We totally do. We love animals. We have our own that we torment with the camera regularly. And I mean that in all seriousness – our dog is scared of the camera. I kid you not. Not the vacuum. Not the blender. Not the hairdryer. Nope…the camera. How funny is that?! Anyway, I got off on a tangent there…this beautiful girl up there is Sara Lee. We got to take her picture when we did a save-the-date photo session for our very first soon-to-be bride and groom, who we will be photographing later next year in what is certainly going to be a beautiful (and really fun…really, really fun) mountain wedding. Sara Lee is such a pretty girl and clearly has quite a bit of personality and spunk. She spends her days with two burly boys (you can see Pablo here and Jake here), so it’s a requirement that she be able to hold her own. And she does.

Also, I just thought I should add that in addition to photographing their pooches and their wedding, my very talented counter-part is doing their save-the-dates and wedding invites. We’ll make sure to show those off when the time is right (i.e. after the bride and groom have had the chance to get them out to their guests). Be sure to contact us if you’re interested in a similar package. We offer price incentives for photography/print packages,

– Abbi