ten17ten: Our New Favorite Colorado Family

by ten7sixblog

We got a call from Tonya a few weeks ago. She was interested in a session with her family. ALL of her family. This included her little nuclear family of her,  her husband, Aaron and their little cutie, Joey:

As well as her twin sister, Tiffany and her husband, David: And their parents, Joe and Dot:

At first, Corwin and I were a teensy bit nervous. This was our first big’ish group session. Prior to this, most of our stuff has been on a smaller scale. We knew we could handle it, but that didn’t mean we didn’t have “first day” butterflies when we arrived at the session location to meet up with everyone. Once they all arrived, those butterflies were GONE. And I mean G-O-N-E. This group was fun from the get-go. They were all so easy to talk to and work with. After the first set of shots, we knew that this was going to be a pretty easy shoot. The only difficulty we had to contend with was the super-intense light (those weatherman totally lied about our “partly cloudy” forecast). There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but we made the light work for us. Here’s one from that first set:

Something about this family that really struck me and has honestly stayed with me since last Sunday is the amount of love that the all clearly have for one another. I couldn’t help but compare our future selves to Joe and Dot. Obviously, we don’t have twins but we do have two girls and I sincerely hope that when our girls are adults and have families of their own, that we have the kind of relationship with them that Joe and Dot have with their girls and their families. It warmed my heart. It inspired me as a parent. And, it also gave me a new appreciation for this endeavor my husband I have embarked on. Not only are we getting to do something we absolutely adore but we’ve also been given the opportunity to meet some truly remarkable people. Joe and Dot, Tonya and Aaron (and Joey!), and Tiffany and Dave – meeting and photographing all of you not only helped us grow as photographers, but impacted us on a very personal level and for that, we thank you. All of you.

Here are a few more of our favorites from that day:

– Abbi